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Your Recliner Is Not Working?

We repair all types and all brands of electrical recliners and lift chairs.

Having Trouble With Your Massage Chair?

We can help you! Zarac, Inc provides repairs and preventative maintenance for virtually all makes and model of massage chairs could be found on the market. The repairs are performed at the customer’s home or business.

Need Help With Assembling Your Equipment?

We assemble all types of massage chairs, recliners, lift chairs, medical beds, patient lifts etc.
You Equipment Has To Be Relocated?
We’ll be glad to help you quickly and easily relocate your product within your property, or to another location. We’ll take care of entire procedure of disassembly, transportation and reassembly of the unit.
Who We Are


Downers Grove based small family owned company. Official service provider for Osaki Titan, Infinity Therapeutics, Cozzia chairs. Our company also repair Brookstone, Inada, Dreamwave, Panasonic massage chairs.
In addition, we are able to fix almost any type of massage chairs, recliners and lift chairs.
Our goal is to provide you comfortable and reliable service as quickly as possible.
We service all Chicagoland, Northern Illinois, South Wisconsin and North Indiana regions.
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We’ll get your chair fixed!

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We work in Northern Illinois, South Wisconsin and North Indiana regions.

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